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Mr Louis Rozario Doss
1998 –  2005
 leads the Michaelian March into the 21st  Century     

·        Mr Louis Rozario Doss succeeded Mr Teh Chor Aun as SMI Principal in February 1998.

·       He was the first old boy of St Michael’s to become its principal.

·        Mr Louis came to the helm at his alma mater with shining Michaelian credentials.
o   He was a much acclaimed  product of the Michaelian drama and debating tradition.
o   In 1965, he had acted as Sir Robert Morton in “The Winslow Boy” written by Terence Rattigan.
o   In 1966, Louis Rozario Doss was the captain of the Michaelian debating team which emerged Perak State Champions in the state-wide competition organised by the Jaycees.
o   He was also the President of the Fifth Form Society (1966).

Like many Michaelians who attended this school in the 1960s, Louis Rozario Doss was nurtured in the shadow of  the greatest Michaelian educators – Brother Pius, Brother Paul, Brother Vincent and Brother Casimir Hannon.

The Covered Pathway and the fresh paving of the inner roads were done with tremendous OMA and Board of Governors' support.  
Mr Louis Rozario Doss will be remembered for giving the Michaelian spirit a fresh and     more powerful resurgence in the hearts of staff,students and the alumni.

It was during the years of his stewardship that a powerful synergy was created with the Old Michaelians Association and the Michaelian Alumni Klang Valley.
Mr Louis Rozario Doss is remembered with great affection by staff, students and parents for his selfless devotion to the school in almost every endeavour. He was often the earliest to arrive before dawn and his seldom left the school till the sun went down.

Under his charismatic leadership, SMI  made national headlines as a Malaysian school with world class credentials in scholastics, drama, debates,music, scouting ,sports and games. 

Brother Matthew Bay

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Mr Teh Chor Aun

1995  – 1997
·        Mr Teh Chor Aun  was appointed Principal in 1995 succeeding Mr Balasubramaniam
Kuppusamy upon his retirement.

·        Mr Teh came to SMI with a distinguished track record as former Principal of SMK Seri Keladang,Ipoh. He had also served as senior Geography Master for many years at SMK Anderson,Ipoh.

·        Highly regarded as the doyen of school principals in the Kinta Valley, Mr Teh fostered better networking between St Michael’s and other premier schools in the Kinta Valley and beyond.

·        La Salle Centre now  became  a major formation centre for Lasallian educators from all over Malaysia.

·        Mr Teh Chor Aun was an active and eloquent participant at these Lasallian gatherings.

·        He gave his fullest support for the school’s Lasallian animation programmes.

·        Mr Teh was also instrumental in strengthening the pastoral care system in the school.  In this regard, the role of Mr See Tean Seng as School Counselor is well  remembered and valued by all Michaelians.

A  High-Powered Administrative Team
Under Mr Teh’s stewardship, SMI had a robust and dynamic administrative team which included Pn Rahimah bte Mohd Sura (Senior Assistant-Administration), Mr Foong Chee Kheong (Senior Assistant- Student Affairs) and Tuan Haji Salleh bin Karim  (Afternoon Supervisor).

Pn Rahimah went on to serve as Principal of several schools including the prestigious SMK Raja Tun Azlan Shah,Taiping. Tn Hj Salleh bin Karim went on to become Director of Education, Penang. He was succeeded at St Michael’s by Tuan Haji Abdul Rahman who in later years was promoted to the post of Principal of SMK Sultan Abdul Jalil, Seberang Perak 

Mr Balasubramaniam  Kuppusamy      
1992 – 1995 
Mr Chong Suan Ee was succeeded by Mr Balasubramaniam Kuppusamy PPT, an old boy and famous athlete from our “rival” school, Anglo-Chinese School,Ipoh.

·        Mr Balasubramaniam brought to his new post a great wealth of administrative and teaching experience ,having served at the premier school Malay College,Kuala Kangsar, and at the Teachers Training College, Hulu Kinta.

·        His last post before his posting to St Michael’s was as Principal, SMK Darul Ridzwan,Taiping.

·         Among Mr Balasubramiam’s major moves for SMI was the nurturing of a fresh team of administrators imbued with strong Lasallian roots.

·        Ever the great sports enthusiast that he was, Mr Balasubramaniam  sustained the fund-raising tradition at SMI with his unique personal touch by leading a CYCLETHON from Ipoh to Sungai Siput (U).
New Administrative Team

With Mr Balasubramaniam came a brand new administrative team: Pn Aziyah bt Amiruddin as Senior Assistant (Administration), Mr Toh Ah Huat (Senior Assistant, Student Affairs) and En Rauhi bin Mohd
(Afternoon Supervisor). 

The future years saw several Michaelian administrators moving on the higher appointments in the Education Service.  Mr Toh Ah Huat went on to be Principal, SMK Sam Tet,Ipoh, while Tuan Haji Rauhi went on to head  Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Malay College, Kuala Kangsar, before retiring as Director of Education, Perak.Tn Haji Salleh bin Karim (Afternoon Supervisor) went on to become Director of Education, Pulau Pinang. 

With the above team, we also see the arrival of Brother Matthew Bay as Art teacher. His taste for aesthetic symmetry proved a great asset to the school. This architectural genius was destined to play a pivotal role in designing  new facets of the school's infrastructural transformaton.

Mr Chong Suan Ee 
1989 –  1991
  •     In January 1989  Brother Vincent was succeeded by Mr Chong Suan Ee, an educationist of wide experience.

·        Mr Chong Suan Ee had served with distinction as  a pioneer graduate teacher and senior assistant at Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman,Ipoh.

·        In 1989, in line with  the policy of the Ministry of Education, Mr Chong introduced  Living Skills as a new subject on the curriculum, designed to give students training in basic skills  such as Agricultural Science, Metal and Woodwork, Electrical work and Cookery.

·        St. Michael’s faced a severe shortage of physical space for the new subject which covered Forms One to Three.

·        To Mr Chong goes  the credit for the building of the  Living Skills Block.

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Eulogy on Brother Ultan Paul 
             by Brother Vincent Corkery
Brother U Paul Rosario fsc 1920-2000
Brother U Paul Rosario passed away 6.15pm 18 April at Fatimah Hospital Ipoh, having been hospitalised for some ten days because of  increasing attacks of neuralgia and related problems.  The funeral service took place in St Michael’s Institution Hall at 2.30pm 20 April, followed by a procession through the streets of Ipoh. He was interred in the Catholic Cemetery in Tambun. 
He was due to be 80 on 28 November 2000.  RIP
Eulogy by Brother Vincent Corkery
Today as we celebrate the gift of Brother U Paul, we salute in him the last of a line of very wonderful Brothers from Burma,   who served with distinction in our Lasallian schools.
Just three years ago Brother Paul celebrated his diamond jubilee as a Brother.  Even now I think of him as something of a diamond with its many facets, each facet a window to a deeper world of mystery within.
One facet is his simple life line:  born in Burma some 80 years ago, studied at the famous  St Paul’s High School in Rangoon, where among his more remembered teachers was Brother Basil Voon, himself an early pupil of St Michael’s Institution, Ipoh.  It was Br Basil who suggested that he become a Brother, a suggestion he kept putting off, but eventually at 14 he decided to give it a try and came to Penang where he joined the juniorate programme.
Robert Malcolm Rosario -the future Bro Paul
(seated centre) with
parents and siblings
A few years later he entered the Novitiate – this was a decisive step on becoming a Brother.
Finally as a freshly trained young Brother he arrived here at St Michael’s in 1939, some months short of his 19th birthday.  And so began a happy association with this school which was to last more than 60 fruitful years.  
During these years he would teach in the classroom, coach the students on the playing field, help with stage productions and take part in the multiplicity of youthful activity traditional to this school, and eventually assume leadership as Director for more than 20 years.
It is of interest that when he arrived this very hall was under construction, as well the labs overhead, the chapel and the Brothers’ quarters.  Little did he then suspect that in just a few years, this hall would become the state treasury under the Japanese government,  the chapel the state council chamber and the Japanese Governor took up residence in the Brothers’ quarters.
RMR (Bro Paul) seated to left of Bro Basil Voon at
St Michael's ,Mandalay
The war years were years of total dislocation.  The school ceased to function, the Brothers were scattered, some imprisoned, Brother Paul transferred to Kuala Lumpur where he was allowed to join the special language classes to qualify to teach in Japanese.  This he did, thanks to his expertise with languages.
After the war it was back to SMI where over the next few years the school stretched its resources to the limit to cope with a huge influx of new students.  Again Brother Paul was involved in the bricks and mortar of new extensions which completed the fa├žade of the main block, as well as the bricks and mortar of building up a vibrant Michaelian spirit which would endure.
Bro Paul with Brother Nicet Joseph ,Superior General of the Lasallian Order
As soon as opportunity struck he took study leave, and joined lectures at Singapore University while preparing for the London BA.  He obtained his BA with honours,  and after brief periods at St Xavier’s in Penang and St Paul’s in Seremban he was appointed director of SMI in January 1961, amid great rejoicing among his many friends.
His return to SMI as principal signaled one of the great periods of growth for the school in every field of endeavour, notably studies, stage productions and sports.
Bro Paul receives an award from Prime Miniuster
YAB Tun Haji Abdul Razak bin Hj Hussein
in recognition of his leadership of the St John Ambulance
Brigade Malaysia
But perhaps we could turn the diamond to another facet.  
In these years we notice that Brother Paul’s main focus was on persons.  Programmes, projects, his attention to administrative detail and even putting up buildings never took priority over persons.  His door was always open to students, teachers, parents,  even important people in public life.  
His gift was for people.  All who came to him found ready welcome and the assurance of being fully understood, of being affirmed in their unique dignity and identity.
I have met numerous people over the years, young and not so young, well off and not so well off, who confess that they owed so much to Brother Paul.   In most cases I never came to know what this was that made all the difference, for even though I lived in close friendship with Brother Paul for 40 years, never once did he reveal to me anybody’s problem or predicament.  With him confidentiality was absolute, and I think people knew this.
Bro Paul welcoming DYMM Sultan Idris Al Mutawakil
Shah, Sultan of Perak to St Michael's for Sports Day (1960s)

How he touched the lives of so many in such diverse circumstances will remain a mystery.  One winning trait was his regular comment:  Can I help you in any way?
Another facet of our diamond.  Brother Paul
Bro Paul:Scholar, Sportsman , Educator and Gentleman
Par Excellence
was a scholarly man, well versed in Latin and English literatures,  a life long student of languages and a serious reader.  I often wondered how he managed to read so much, and share it with us afterwards, considering the long hours he spent with people.  His study of Chinese characters was a life long passion, and a recent email from Kota Kinabalu spoke of pride as Brother Paul’s letter was read out over Radio 4, clarifying the meaning of the word “panjandrum” – a word that had puzzled an earlier listener, a word most of us don’t have in our vocabulary, but which Br Paul had, typically!
But beyond his wonderful endowments of mind and heart we come to a profoundly spiritual man, another facet of the diamond, a man who spent long hours in personal time before God.  It was from this contact with a personal God that he drew energy and insight to be present to people so effectively.
Yesterday as I entered his bed room I stopped briefly to look again at the picture of his mother, always prominently displayed on his desk.  I noticed her facial expression, frank and open to people, and I saw the eyes which spoke of love and understanding, and I felt that of the many who helped shape this meek and gentle  person we knew as Brother Paul, surely his mother must take pride of place.
I always held him in special reverence for the way he made himself available to people, with never a thought for his own comfort or convenience.   Personal convenience never entered into his calculations, often missing out on his regular meal or needful rest.
Speaking as a confrere I shall always treasure times we managed to leave serious matters aside, and chat frankly and freely about life in general, sharing our memories and experiences, how his nephews and nieces were doing. 
Brother Paul was very close to his family, who are now mostly settled in UK.   His one surviving brother, Len and wife Peggy have been on the phone, as also his nephew Michael and niece Sharon.  They share in our sense of loss in a very special way.  They relished his occasional visits and his stay among them.  I take this opportunity to extend our sincere condolences to Len & Peggy and to all his nephews and nieces.
I wish to thank the doctors and staff of Hospital Fatimah, in particular Brother Patrick, for the wonderful care they took of Brother Paul.   A special word of appreciation to Dr Giritharan of Ipoh Specialists Centre for monitoring Brother Paul’s health so very effectively these many years.  In recent years Brother Paul suffered from occasional attacks of neuralgia – a condition so excruciating that reportedly people have been know to commit suicide.   This was a facet of the diamond which even close friends did not suspect.  He rarely spoke of his own problems.  These attacks became more frequent in recent months,  and it was to stabilise matters that we had him admitted to Hospital ten days ago.  The doctors managed to bring it under control, but then other complications set in.  I wish to thank Dr Y C Lee who kept a regular check on his eyes, always a source of acute anxiety for Brother Paul.
There is no way I can adequately thank the many people who visited Brother Paul from time to time, who came by at La Salle Centre to help him in one way or another,  who assisted with sorting out problems and gave financial help when needed for a poor student. These past several weeks Jenny and Philip Fung and their two daughters  have been boundless in their caring attention, they have our full gratitude.   Many more wanted to help, but his condition was such that it was found necessary to limit admission.
Finally a word of personal thanks to Brother Matthew Bay, Eric Bryan, Martin Jalleh and Terry and the other helpers at La Salle Centre who have taken care of all arrangements so thoughtfully, tirelessly and imaginatively.   And my thanks to the Principal, Mr Louis Rosario Doss, to SMI staff, prefects and uniformed units for rising so splendidly to this historic moment.   Brother Paul loves you all and it is now that he can shower many blessings on you all, and I know he will.
Beyond our tears, our faith tells us that this is Brother Paul’s great day, his going home to the God he has served so selflessly to his last breath.   Today we celebrate Brother Paul as God’s gift among us, God’s gift to St Michael’s, but to many more besides.  
Datuk Lee Oi Hian shared with me a Bible text as he came by yesterday, a text which he felt applied very beautifully to Brother Paul:  I say to you unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies it bears much fruit.
Brother Paul  has been good news because he lived compassionately and transfigured much that was negative in our lives.  His passing is not to somewhere strange, but rather to the home he has never left.

May his gentle soul rest in the peace of the Lord. 

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Shared Leadership evolves further.....
  ..The Moderators make their mark.... 

It was in 1964 that the Moderator system was  introduced: a teacher was appointed as Moderator  for each form, whose task it would be  to regulate the life of the form, both in studies and in extra curricular activities. The system was a success from the  outset, and has remained popular with staff and students alike,largely because of the wisdom and effectiveness  of those selected for the task.

Mr Chan Kok Soo   (1960s - Moderator Form 3)
Mr Chan Khin Seng (1960s - 70s -Moderator Form 5)
Mr Chan Hon Yew (1960s - Moderator Form 4)
Mr Lee Kah Chee (1980s - Moderator Form 5) 
Mr Eugene Almeida (Discipline Master - 1970s -80s)
Mr Oh Teik Toh  (Discipline Master -1960s) 
Mr Ho Kam Yoke (1970s - Moderator Form 2) 
Tn Hj Meor Idris bin Meor Ahmad (1970s-80s - Moderator Form 4)
Mr Choo Ah Chye (1990s = Discipline Master Forms 3,4,5)
Mr David Teh ( 1990s - Moderator Form 1& Discipline Master) 
Mr Damian Wong (1990s - Moderator Form 2 & Discipline Master) 
En Ibrahim Ahmed (1990s-2000s-Moderator Form 3)
Pn Norizah Hj Taib - (1990s - 2000s -Moderator Form 2)
Mrs Lee Seok Chean (1990s-2000s-Moderator Form 2) 
Mr Peter Khiew Wai Mun (Discipline Master 1990s-   )
Mr Chong Weng Sun (Discipline Master 1990s- 

Mr Chan Khin Seng (Moderator Form 5 - 1960s &70s)    
Mr Chan Khin Seng with Michaelian
Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik

A true Michaelian at heart ,Mr Chan Khin Seng has graced the corridors of our school both as a student and a great teacher. His teaching career at St Michael's stretched from 1944 to 1976 for an amazng 32 years.His major teaching contributions included the post of Form 5 Moderator while his business acumen was put into the organization of annual funfairs between 1960 and 1970. Outside of school, he served as Honorary Treasurer of the Malayan Table Tennis Association. Even when he retired, he continued to be a great champion of the Old Michaelians' Association where he served as 1st Vice President for many years. He is held in the highest regard by the Lasalle brothers and by the students he moulded.  
     During his student days at SMI he remembers the fun of playing glass marbles which was a national pastime for teenagers in the 1940s - 1960s. He often travelled to Taiping with the SMI team to play football and hockey against St George's Institution. He was also a reserve in the Perak table tennis team in the 1950s.    

Mr Chan Hon Yew (Moderator 1960s -70s Form 4)

Mr Choo Ah Chye Discipline Master 1990s

Mr Chan Hon Yew  was Moderator of the Form Four Classes in the 1960s &70s. He was a true gentleman, careful and correct in everything he did. He expected high standards of politeness and integrity in his students as he did for himself. A versatile educator  he taught English,Health Science and Maths - all with great ease and punctillio.

Mr David Teh (Discipline Master & Moderator 1990s  with Principal Louis Rozario Doss)